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[edit] Definition of a Documentary

Though it sounds easy, it's very hard to tell things apart from what is still documentary and what is not.
The usual view that documentaries focus on information whereas everything else focuses on entertainment can be in trouble sometimes.
Knowing this, the following list is merely a guideline and on every film it has to be decided using common sense.

  • Non-fictional topics based on real events or circumstances, and intended primarily for instruction or record purposes. If something is fictional or hypothetical it has to be made clear in the documentary itself.
  • Narration or no speech at all. Although there has to be some narration it doesn't have to be the only way someone is talking.
  • No propaganda! If the reasoning in the 'documentary' is severely flawed but stated as the only truth it's usually worthless. The same is true for films consisting only of wild speculations and suggestions instead of facts.This excludes most religious, conspiracy and neo-science/esoteric topics (Arrival of Jesus, 911 ,free energy and such bogus)
  • Educational focus. It should educate you and give information to your brain to make you a better world citizen
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