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[edit] General Information

Nature, Travel Documentary hosted by Freddie Flintoff , published by Discovery Channel in 2012 - English narration

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[edit] Information

Freddie Flintoff Goes Wild Is a series of epic wildlife adventures and extreme experiences in his own inimitable style Freddie takes us on a journey into the wild and shows us some of the world’s most exciting spectacles as we’ve never seen them before? In the midst of it, experiencing the fear, excitement, joy and wonder of being up close and personal with nature at its most spectacular. On his journeys he goes to different wildernesses in Australia, Borneo, Tanzania and Canada.

[edit] Australia

Freddie Flintoff is in the remote wilderness of Arnhemland, Australia searching for saltwater crocodiles with his Aboriginal hosts Joseph, Connie and Moses their grandson. Within a matter of hours Joseph lands the first kill – a wallaby. Starving, Freddie looks forward to the traditionally cooked meat. The build up to the rainy season complete with heat, humidity and constant mosquitoes make for gruelling conditions and a hunt for magpie geese tests Freddie’s patience. Unpredictable storms force them into a boat as the waters rise. Travelling, Freddie becomes aware of both the freshwater and saltwater crocodiles all around them and a near miss with a disgruntled croc bring home the danger. The final croc encounter is a mix of adrenalin fuelled apprehension as Joseph tries to catch one for their supper.

[edit] Borneo

Former England cricketer Freddie Flintoff endures torrential rain and blood-sucking leeches in the rainforests of Borneo, while scouring the forest for orang-utan and elephants. Former England cricket hero Freddie Flintoff spends a week in Borneo in some of the world's most biodiverse rainforest. With a guide showing him the way, Freddie learns to live in the jungle and avoid hazards like wild boar, snakes and poisonous vines. Enduring torrential rain, seas of mud and blood-sucking leeches, Freddie scours the forest for orang-utan. And then together with Osman the Elephant Whisperer he tracks down pygmy elephant, the world's smallest and rarest elephant. Freddie comes within 6 feet of a charging animal, encounters a noisy herd in thick forest and finally plays with a baby elephant.

[edit] Tanzania

Freddie Flintoff is in Tanzania searching for the great wildebeest migration. Accompanied by a Maasai elder, Thomas, they travel on foot, covering many kilometres each day, crossing paths with giraffes, baboons, gazelles, zebra and fresh hyena tracks. It’s unfamiliar territory for Freddie, squeezing into tiny mud huts and setting up camp in the open as they rely on the hospitality of Maasai village’s enroute for shelter, especially when a village meat feast attracts some unwanted attention from a civet in the middle of the night. Continuing their search for signs of the elusive Wildebeest they hit the boundary of the Serengeti National Park Unable to enter on foot, they must continue in car, finally coming across hundreds of wildebeest on their spectacular annual migration.

[edit] Canada

Freddie ventures deep into the wilderness of Canada’s west coast, searching for wolves and killer whales. Keeping him safe are his First Nations guides Vernon and Michael Price, members of the seafaring We Wai Kai Nation. On a traditional winter hunting trip, Freddie camps out under the stars, hunts for deer and forages along the shoreline for clams and oysters. Exploring the dense forest behind their camp, Freddie discovers recent pugmarks from wolves and territorial marking from bears. Finally, Freddie and Vernon take to the water. After days of searching, they eventually track down a pod of killer whales, and Freddie gets closer than he ever thought possible.

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