Ghost Bears of the Rain Forest

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[edit] General Information

Nature Documentary hosted by Colm Feore, published by Discovery Channel broadcasted as part of DC Natural Kingdom series in 2010 - English narration

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Image: Ghost-Bears-of-the-Rain-Forest-Cover.jpg

[edit] Information

Discovery Channel: Ghost Bears of the Rain Forest Wandering along a misty creek bed in Northwest British Columbia appears a pure white bear the Tsimshian First Nation calls 'The Ghost of the Rain Forest'. But this ghost is real: one of the rarest animals on earth, and one of the rarest experiences in nature. The Tsimshians called the ghost bear Moksgm'ol, Spirit of the Rain Forest. What settlers thought to be a legend was a real ursine species and was named the Kermode bear. Spirit bears are only found primarily on Princess Royal Island and also on Gribbell Island and along the shores of Douglas Channel. Princess Royal Island is a remote isle of British Columbia, almost three hundred and seventy miles north of Vancouver and one hundred and twenty-four miles south of Prince Rupert. Very few people have entered its inland northwest rainforest because it’s accessible only by airplane or boat. The island’s coastal area used to be the home of the Tsimshian tribe. Princess Royal Island is best known as being home of the Spirit, Ghost or Kermode Bear.

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[edit] Technical Specs

  • Video Codec: XviD ISO MPEG-4
  • Video Bitrate: 1868 kbps
  • Video Resolution: 704 x 524
  • Video Aspect Ratio: 1.344 (4:3)
  • Frames Per Second: 25
  • Audio Codec: 0x2000 (Dolby AC3)
  • Audio Bitrate: 128 kb/s AC3 48000 Hz
  • Audio Streams: 2ch
  • Audio Languages: English
  • RunTime per Part 45.mins
  • Number Of Parts: 1
  • Part Size: 640 MB
  • Source: DVD
  • Encoded by: Harry65

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